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PrintSniffer Spy Complete Printer Management Solution for Your Network

Dataquest figures show that the average cost of printing documents (paper, hardware, and ink) is equivalent to 40% of a company's labor cost. Despite this huge expense and its impact on profits, most corporations just view it as "the cost of doing business" since it's impossible to control without the right information and tools.

There is an easy solution to these "hidden" printing expenses. PrintSniffer!

MicroBlast Software


Print Switch™ for Windows is a revolutionary printing assistant for Microsoft Windows.

The print switch provides a way to quickly change the default Printer or Fax driver.

HSLAB Print Logger FE (Free Edition)

Absolutely free print management solution for personal usage.
The Print Logger FE print management system is intended for a print management (print control and audit printing activity) for printers at the workstation, based on Windows NT operation systems family. At this time this family includes Windows 2000/XP and Windows Vista. The print management software inspects the print jobs on a computer, where software is installed. Main assignment of the program - collection of the information about sizes (in pages) of local or network print jobs and record it to the database for the subsequent analysis or creation reports about printing activity.
HSLAB Print Logger FE (Free Edition)

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